Starbucks Partner Hours

Starbucks Partners are individuals who work as employees for the renowned American coffee brand, Starbucks. These employees operate within the company’s stores and are referred to as “Partners.” Starbucks Partner Hours refer to the designated hours that are allocated to Starbucks employees within a given week.

If you’re a Starbucks Partner and you’re looking to learn more about the specific Starbucks Partner Hours, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers details about Starbucks My Partner Hours, Starbucks Partner Hours Schedule, and the benefits available to Starbucks Partners, and provides guidance on how to log in to the official Starbucks Partner Hub website or app.

If you wish to access the Starbucks Login Page, you can click the link for it.

What are Starbucks Partner Hours?

Starbucks Partner Hours are specific hours set aside for Starbucks employees, also known as partners, to offer them special benefits from the company. These hours usually fall outside the company’s regular business hours, during which Starbucks provides additional perks and advantages to its partners.

SBUX Partner Hours vary based on factors such as the individual’s position, the location of the store, and their availability. Shifts can be assigned at any point between the early morning and late evening, and these schedules might encompass weekends and holidays.

What is the Starbucks Partner Hours App? How does it work?

Starbucks Partner Hours is an application created to manage and keep track of essential records related to partners, shareholders, customers, and employee shifts. This facilitates smoother communication without any difficulties.

The Starbucks Happy Hours also enables you to place an online order; one can access the required information and alter it whenever needed. Partners can also use this app to receive important information about the company and corporate news. You will find more details about this feature in the later sections of this guide.

The Starbucks Partners app is compatible with a range of devices, including PCs, tablets, and mobile devices such as iOS and Android, as well as devices owned by Starbucks. The way the app is used and its intended purpose can differ based on the specific needs or roles of each individual user. The app also includes features for messaging and sharing updates among coworkers.

How to Download the Starbucks Partner Hours App?

The Starbucks Partners Hours app is designed to work seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a convenient download process. To get started, you’ll need to download the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. Below is the answer to how to download Starbucks Partner Hours App. Follow the download instructions provided below to initiate the process.

  • Step 1 – Head to the “Google Play Store” and search for the Starbucks Partner Hours application on the search bar.
  • Step 2 – Once you see the application on the screen, click the “install” button to download.
  • Step 3 – Depending on your internet speed, downloading will take two to five minutes.
  • Step 4 – After the download is completed, the app will appear on your device. Simply use your login details to access the application.

Starbucks Partner Hours App Download Link

How to Login Starbucks Partner?

Gaining access to Starbucks is quite straightforward if you’re familiar with the steps to access the official Starbucks website portal. To begin, you’ll need to have the following items in order to log in to the Starbucks portal:

  • First, you should have a username and password to log in to the account.
  • A smartphone, a tablet, or a PC to access the portal online.
  • An active internet connection to browse the portal.

If you’re a Starbucks employee or partner, you can log in to the Starbucks Partner website by following these steps:

Starbucks Partner Account Login
  • Step 1 – First, Go to the Starbucks Partner Portal.
  • Step 2 – Tab on “Username” and fill up the needed information. 
  • Step 3 – Click on “Password”; and provide the password.
  • Step 4 – Tab on “Log in”; to access the portal.

If you’re a new partner or have forgotten your password, you have options on the login page. You can click on the “Create New Partner Number/Username” link to create a new account or click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link to reset your password. Follow the provided instructions to complete either process.

Features of the Starbucks Application

Here are the features you will experience while using this application after creating an account:

View Schedules: Through the app, partners can easily see their upcoming shifts, including shift dates, times, and locations. Furthermore, they can access their future schedules and even request time off directly from the app.

Time-off Requests: The App streamlines the process of requesting time off for employees. This allows partners to effortlessly submit their time-off requests, which are then sent to their managers for approval. The app also enables partners to monitor the status of their approved time-off requests as well as those that are pending.

Seamless Shift Swapping: The app facilitates effortless shift swapping among partners. It displays available shifts, allowing partners to propose shift swaps with their colleagues. Partners can request a swap based on the available shifts. Moreover, the app offers updates on the status of pending and approved shift swap requests.

Effective Communication: The Starbucks App empowers partners to communicate directly with their colleagues, fostering productive teamwork. This feature allows team members to exchange messages regarding shift swaps, time-off requests, and other work-related matters, enhancing collaboration within the team.

Eligibility for Accessing Starbucks Partner Hours Login

The Starbucks Partner Hours app is exclusively accessible to My Starbucks Partners, who are employees of Starbucks. To use the app, you must currently work at Starbucks and possess a valid partner number and password.

If you’re a new employee, you’ll need to go through the onboarding process and receive your partner number before you can access the app. Your manager will supply you with your partner number and initial password, which you can use for app login.

If you’re not a partner, you won’t have the ability to download or utilize the app. The app is specifically designed for Starbucks partners to help them manage their work schedules and time cards.

Starbucks Partner Benefits and Perks

Over the years, Starbucks has been a trendsetter in terms of offering employee benefits, particularly for part-time workers. In addition to its information tracking function, SBUX Partner Hours also offers various other advantages.

  • Comprehensive Health Coverage: This includes health and wellness benefits such as medical, dental, and vision coverage. They also provide mental health resources and employee assistance programs.
  • Financial Well-Being: Additionally, they offer retirement benefits, which encompass a 401(k) plan featuring a company match.
  • Paid Time Off: Paid holidays and a generous allocation of paid time off are included in the benefits package.
  • Career Development: There are also opportunities for career development and progression within the company. Access to training resources and materials, including online training modules.
  • Partner Discount: Partners receive discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise, including Starbucks partner brands. They can also enjoy a 30% markdown on purchases of merchandise, food, and beverages.
  • Free Coffee and Tea: As a partner, you now have the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary tall (12 oz.) tea or brewed coffee during your shift.
  • Exclusive Services: Exclusive partner-only spaces, including break rooms and locker rooms. They can utilize the Partner Hours app to access their schedules, submit time-off requests, and communicate with both their coworkers and managers.
  • Partner Food and Beverage Markout: Associates receive a complimentary pound of tea or coffee box every week, as well as a free food item during each shift.
  • Stock Options: Starbucks provides its associates with the opportunity to purchase shares of the company at a reduced price.
Starbucks Partner Hub

How to Get a Starbucks Partner Discount?

Starbucks partners enjoy discounts on their preferred beverages, food selections, and merchandise at any Starbucks store managed by the company. To benefit from these discounted rates both in the mobile app and in physical stores, you need to connect your partner number with your Starbucks account and add your Starbucks Partner Card.

  • Step 1: Open the official Starbucks browser and proceed to link your partner number with the Starbucks app.
  • Step 2: If you already possess a Starbucks rewards account, log in. Alternatively, if you don’t have an account, you can register by tapping “Join Now” located at the top right corner of the browser page. On mobile, click the three-line button to access the “Join Now” or “Sign In” page.
  • Step 3: To ensure a smooth experience while adding a partner number to the Starbucks app, it’s recommended to carry out this process in desktop mode.
  • Step 4: After signing in, click on “Account” located at the top right corner, and then choose “Personal Info” from the provided options.
  • Step 5: Scroll down the page until you come across the option to “Add Your Partner’s Number,” located beneath the birth information.
  • Step 6: Input the partner number (6-8 digits provided by the official company) and the last name into the designated fields.
  • Step 7: Click on “Save” to successfully link your partner number with the Starbucks app.

You can now enjoy the Starbucks partner discount when making purchases through the mobile app. Note that your Partner Card is non-transferable and can only be used by you. You should also keep your card secure to prevent unauthorized use.

Why is Starbucks Partner Hours Not Working?

Starbucks places significant emphasis on its employees and offers diverse benefits, including the Partner Hours app, designed to aid them in effectively managing their work schedules. Nonetheless, this app has encountered intermittent technical issues, leading to inconvenience for Starbucks employees.

At times, the app may experience functionality issues. When attempting to access the Starbucks portal, you might encounter errors. In this section, we will address some of these errors along with their potential solutions.

  • Frequently, this issue arises during attempts to log into the Starbucks Partner Hours App. Often, it’s associated with incorrect credentials. Therefore, it’s important to verify that you’ve entered the accurate username and password.
  • Clear the app’s cache and data: In certain cases, clearing the cache and data of the app can help in resolving login problems. You can achieve this by navigating to your phone’s settings, locating the Starbucks app, and choosing the option to clear its cache and data.
  • Update the app: Make sure that you have the most recent version of the Starbucks app installed on your phone. Using an outdated app version could lead to login problems.
  • If the official Starbucks website is inaccessible, it’s usually due to a high volume of users or the website undergoing maintenance. In such cases, if you encounter this problem, you can revisit the website after a few hours.

If none of these solutions prove effective, you can reach out to Starbucks customer service for additional support. They may be able to assist you in diagnosing the issue or initiating a reset of your account.

Starbucks Customer Services

You can contact Starbucks customer service through several channels:

  • Phone: You can call Starbucks customer service at the toll-free number provided on their official website or on the back of your Starbucks Rewards card.
  • Website: Visit the official Starbucks website and navigate to the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” section. There, you might find a form to fill out or an email address to use for inquiries.
  • Social Media: Starbucks is active on social media platforms. You can often reach out to them by sending a direct message on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.
  • In-Store: If you have a concern related to a specific store visit, you can also approach the store manager directly to discuss the issue.
  • Starbucks App: If you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you might find additional support options through the Starbucks mobile app.

Official Website:, Email: [email protected], Starbucks Contact Number: 800-Starbucks (800-782-7282), Starbucks Chat Hours: 7 days a week, 4:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. (Pacific, )Starbucks Phone Hours: 7 days a week, 5:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. (Pacific).

Starbucks Social Media Accounts


At Starbucks, partners are deeply appreciated and provided with numerous advantages, including a flexible work schedule and the utilization of the Starbucks Partner Hub. This application has been introduced to enhance the welfare of partners and has garnered a positive reception, gaining popularity steadily.

Starbucks or SBUX Partner Hours is an application utilized to access work schedules, and timecards, and manage shifts for employees at Starbucks Coffee Company. The app is beneficial for its users. This concludes the article about this app. If you have any questions regarding this application, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Thank you.

FAQ about Starbucks Partner Hub and Starbucks Partner Hours

The Starbucks Partner Hub is an online platform designed for Starbucks partners (employees) to access a wide range of resources, information, and tools related to their job roles. It serves as a central hub for training, benefits, company news, and communication.

You can access the Starbucks Partner Hub by visiting the official Starbucks partner website and logging in with your partner credentials. If you’re a new partner, your manager will provide you with the necessary information to create an account.

The Partner Hub provides various resources, including training materials, company policies, benefits information, career development resources, and updates on company initiatives. You can also find tools for scheduling, requesting time off, and managing your partner account.

Yes, you can access the Partner Hub from any device with an internet connection, both inside and outside of work. This allows you to review training materials, update your availability, and manage your schedule from home or on the go.

Starbucks Partner Hours refers to the scheduling system used by Starbucks to manage and organize the work shifts of its partners. This system allows partners to view their upcoming shifts, request time off, and manage their availability.

You can check your upcoming shifts and schedule through the Partner Hub. Once you log in, you’ll find a section that displays your scheduled shifts, including dates, times, and store locations.

Yes, Starbucks often allows partners to swap shifts with each other if both parties agree and the store manager approves. The Partner Hub may have a feature that facilitates shift swapping, or you can communicate with your colleagues and then inform your manager.

Within the Partner Hub, there’s usually an option to request time off. You can select the dates you need off and provide a reason for your request. Make sure to submit your request well in advance, as it’s subject to manager approval and scheduling considerations.

Yes, you can typically update your availability through the Partner Hub. If your availability changes due to personal reasons, school, or other commitments, you can adjust your preferences to inform your manager of your preferred work hours.

If you encounter technical issues while using the Partner Hub, you can reach out to your store manager or the designated IT support for assistance. They can help troubleshoot and resolve any problems you might be facing.

Remember that specific details may vary, so always refer to the official Starbucks resources and your manager for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Partner Hub and Partner Hours.